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What Makes Us Different, Makes Us Better

Areas of Practice
  • DUI Defense

  • Criminal Defense

  • Drug Posession Defense

  • If you're accused of most anything, he's likely defended your kind of case many times before.




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Bozeman Office:
546 East Kagy Boulevard
Bozeman, Montana 59715



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     At Jackson Law Office, we are dedicated to protecting your future, assets, independence, and freedom.  You didn’t plan for this event; life happens.  Kayle Jackson works hard and knows how to give value.


     He doesn’t over-promise.  He simply works to get you the best treatment you can get given the unique circumstances of your case.  With many years of representing defendants in Bozeman and across Montana, he knows how to give you the help you need.



     Legal proceedings can be scary, challenging, confusing and expensive. By implementing an innovative, caring, attorney-client relationship, Kayle Jackson provides personal answers to complex legal problems.


    They made him President of his law school student body, and the school gave him it’s first ever leadership award.  He served as an investigator for the United States Senate Judiciary Committee.


     He drafted the legislation implementing Montana’s Constitutional provisions for selecting and disciplining judges.  He staffed the Montana State Senate Judiciary Committee.  He knows Montana Law.  And most importantly, he helps each client as an individual – with a real life, and often with a family and job to protect.



     Here’s what one district court judge said when granting Kayle’s motion to dismiss a felony DUI case, “(The Court) finds the Defendant’s argument better reasoned, more equitable and more consonant with the State and Federal Constitutions."


     Asked by a new attorney the best way to file a certain motion in that court, a local Justice of the Peace responded:  “Get one of Kayle's: he does it right."   


      Kayle Jackson: Ability You Can Trust

Clients' Stories........


     Late Friday night, the client received a DUI.  The client called Kayle at 2 P.M. Saturday. Kayle called the client back as soon as he got the message. The client was due to fly back to another state Tuesday.  The police officer had pulled the client's drivers license for refusing a breath test. The client was shocked when Kayle pointed out that he was without his I.D. for the flight.  They met at Kayle’s office Sunday from 1:30 P.M. to 6 P.M.  The client couldn’t drive, so Kayle gave him a ride back to his motel.  Kayle called the officer at 9:10 P.M. Sunday when the officer came back on shift, to track down the license.  Monday morning at 8, Kayle filed a petition to get the client’s license back, tracked down a judge, got an order signed.  Kayle waited a half hour at the police desk to get the license, presented it to the client and then attended the client’s initial appearance in Bozeman Municipal Court.  There, Kayle sought an exception to the normal rule and gained the client permission not to attend the Omnibus Hearing so he wouldn’t have to fly back to Montana.  And the judge approved other hearings by video – a video system that Kayle had been instrumental in introducing to the Court, saving his out-of-State (and soon other attorneys’) clients thousands of dollars over the years in travel and time.  Kayle gave the client another ride back to his motel. Kayle knows what to do, and you can trust him to do it.



     Another client called, drunk, to discuss his case.  Kayle could hear the sounds of a rowdy bar in the background.  The client was under a no alcohol, no bars order while his case was pending.  The client had driven to the bar.   Kayle drove to the bar, picked up his client, called the client’s best friend who lived in Belgrade, and took the client to meet the friend at a burger stop near the 19th exit.  The friend drove the client back to Belgrade to sleep it off on the friend’s couch. One less drunk driver on the road that night. One less client in danger of new charges.   Good lawyering is not just filing motions and arguing to juries:  good lawyering is caring about each client and doing what it takes.

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